Health Care and Medical Translation Services for South and North Carolina

The healthcare industry is vast, infiltrating every other industry in some shape or form. If you’re a health care facility, clinic or pharmaceutical company, you understand the importance of patient medical records for all individuals, including those who speak languages different from your own.

Often, medical records require translation for understanding. This translation requires specialized knowledge in the field with the highest level of accuracy. Our translators at Carolina Translation Co. are experienced within the industry and provide only the highest quality medical record translating for your needs.

Accuracy and Confidentiality Are Keys for Medical Record Translation

When it comes to patient medical records, even simple mistakes can result in serious repercussions for the health care facility or company. In fact, simple errors such as a misspelling or using the incorrect term can mean severe damages if the record is ever used for a lawsuit or pulled during an audit.

To keep mistakes from happening, only trained professional translators who can handle the demands of the medical industry should be used. Accuracy should be a top priority, no matter the type of medical record. Carolina Translation Co. offers many different translation services including:

  • Insurance claims
  • Medical charts
  • Prescriptions and pharmaceutical documents
  • Patient information forms
  • Medical equipment
  • Device documentation
  • Training manuals

Translators With Medical Industry Experience

For the most accurate translations, you should use a translator with medical knowledge and first-hand experience. With us, accuracy is everything and our translators have backgrounds in the medical industry in many different specialties and areas. Our translators understand difficult medical terminology as well as all industry standards.

We offer a wide range of languages and unique dialects including Spanish, French, German, Japanese and many more. Your healthcare related documents and records deserve the same level of care no matter the language used. Carolina Translation Co. is committed to providing quality.

Trust Your Translation Project to Our Experience

Medical record translation should be handled by only experienced translators who place emphasis on confidentiality and accuracy above all else. At Carolina Translation Co., you’ll find the experience your project requires. Get started today by calling 833-876-7528 or contact us online.