Experienced Video Game Translation Services for South and North Carolina

The world of video games is quickly becoming saturated as new games are released often. As a company who creates video games, you might be wondering how you can stand out from the crowd. As part of the video game industry, your target audience is comprised of many unique individuals who speak a language different than your own. Proper translation of your video game can make all the difference.

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer accurate, high-quality and timely translation services for your video games and more.

Proper Translation Equals a Better Gaming Experience

One of the most important aspects of a video game is the gaming experience as the user plays. Communication and language have the ability to improve it or ruin it completely. A poor video game translation takes the gamer out of the experience, causing your game to lose its impact. A translation that is culturally and technically accurate provides the best experience possible for all players.

A poor gaming experience can result in fewer repeat sales, a smaller number of in-game purchases and less than desired press about your game. At Carolina Translation Co., we use native speakers to ensure our translations fit your video game’s storyline from start to finish.

Localization Is Required for Video Games

Countries outside of the U.S. often develop video games for an English-speaking audience. These video games require localization services to be properly distributed and marketed around the world. Many games are developed in Japan, Germany, and India and require those languages to be translated into English. At Carolina Translation Co., we provide localization services in a language and dialect that will fit your needs.

Partner With an Experienced Translation Team

We offer over 50 different languages and dialects including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and more. Our team translates everything from the dialogue of your video game to the manuals and instructions. The translations are timely, without sacrificing quality and always accurate. At Carolina Translation Co., we are dedicated to the success of your business.

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