Interpretation & Translation Services for the Construction Industry by Carolina Translation Co.

Much like other industries, the construction industry often requires individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities to work together. Due to the detailed and often tedious nature of the work, it’s crucial to have experienced translation and interpretation services available to individuals who need them most.

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer North and South Carolina accurate, timely and detailed translation and interpretation services to those working in the construction industry from contractors to employees.

The Construction Industry Requires Detailed Translation

Each industry is unique in their communication requirements. However, the construction industry requires in-depth translation and interpretation of documents such as manuals, training materials, contacts or other documents relating to health and safety. These documents are sensitive and vital, relying on detailed translation to prevent mistakes.

The construction industry involves technical verbiage and terminology that requires industry knowledge to understand. The translation and interpretation agency you choose should have industry experience, be detail-oriented and focused on accuracy above all else.

Detailed and Accurate Translation and Interpretation Services

Carolina Translation Co. focuses on providing only the highest quality translations and interpretations for your construction business. We offer over 10 years of experience plus many years of construction industry experience to your business. Speaking over 50 languages and dialects, we have the ability to translate any of your:

  • Training manuals and documents
  • Technical documents
  • Safety and health manuals and documents
  • Employment documents and contracts
  • Promotional materials
  • Installation instructions
  • Product catalogs

Any document you require, we can translate. We offer in-person interpretation services for seamless communication within your team. Offering languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese, our team makes it possible for you to communicate, no matter the barrier. We’re focused on accuracy, pay attention to the details and work fast to ensure you receive your translated documents quickly.

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As a part of the construction industry, you understand the importance of accurate communication. At Carolina Translation Co., we deliver accuracy and confidentiality, no matter the document translation or interpretation service required. To get started today, reach out to us by calling 833-876-7528 or request a quote online.