Confidential Legal Interpretation Services by Carolina Translation Co.

The pressure felt by attorneys and law firms during a grueling court case is heightened when a communication gap is present. Individuals who speak another language deserve the same representation as those who speak the same. That’s why at Carolina Translation Co., we offer interpreters with the skill and training to handle all of the sensitive communications involved from start to finish.

Legal Interpretation: Where Trust Matters Most

Trust matters when choosing a court or legal interpreter. We understand that hiring a third party can be a challenging and daunting task. After all, the interpreter must follow all privilege and confidentiality guidelines. And as an attorney, you are responsible for monitoring any individual hired for translation purposes. At Carolina Translation Co., our legal interpreters have the knowledge required to interpret any legal case while abiding by all legal regulations.

Our interpreters understand the importance of confidentiality and we take those concerns seriously. We sign all non-disclosure agreements and other important contracts you require. We aim to be a helpful extension of your team, not just another hoop to jump through.

Confidential Interpretation for all Legal Matters

When it comes to legal matters, each case is different from the next. At Carolina Translation Co., we focus on delivering the highest quality translation and interpretation services for a wide range of legal matters including:

  • Personal injury
  • Criminal defense
  • Business litigation
  • Family law
  • Civil litigation

Each of our legal interpreters has specific industry knowledge in a unique set of legal matters. This means that no matter the case, we have an interpreter to fit your needs. We also offer document translation services for contracts, marriage and divorce licenses and more for when documentation is required for your case.

Our team offers translation and interpretation services in over 50 different languages and dialects including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and more. At Carolina Translation Co., we’re your full-service translation and interpretation team dedicated to your firm’s success.

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