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Most languages we hear surrounding us are spoken in other countries beyond our own. In the United States and around the world, the Portuguese language continues to grow rapidly. Spoken around the globe by over 250 million people, including those who reside in South and North Carolina, Portuguese is one of the most popular languages that exist.

As languages such as Portuguese continue to grow and find themselves within the United States, the need for quality translation and interpretation services becomes more evident. At Carolina Translation Co., we offer a team of highly skilled translators and interpreters to help fulfill your communication needs.

The Portuguese Language: A Vast and Global Reach

Within the United States, Portuguese is spoken by approximately .2% or well over half a million individuals daily within their home. Even more individuals speak the language outside of their home, at work or at school.

Outside of the United States, Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries including Angola, Cape Verde, Portugal, Sao Tome, Brazil and more. Portuguese can also be found in parts of India, Malaysia and other places around the world. The language has a vast and global reach, underlining the importance of translation and interpretation services for these individuals in industries such as:

Each of these industries requires accurate, confidential and fast translation and interpretation services for the customer experience, better understanding and seamless communication.

Portuguese Translation and Interpretation Services for the Carolinas

At Carolina Translation Co., we’re experienced in over 50 languages and dialects including Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and more. Each of our team members is skilled in their industry and experts in the translation and interpretation process. We focus on delivering only the highest quality services while considering your budget and time restraints.

We offer translation services for corporate business, marketing and personal projects as well as face to face interpretation. From translated contracts, marriage licenses and training materials to simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, we can handle it all.

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