Accurate Medical Interpretation Services for the Carolinas by Carolina Translation Co.

When it comes to your health, communication is key. Individuals who speak a different language other than English still require medical attention. To ensure communication is seamless, healthcare organizations and individuals requiring assistance will benefit from accurate and confidential interpretation services.

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer detailed health care interpreting services to our clients in a wide variety of medical settings. Whether it’s an appointment with a doctor or a visit to the hospital, Carolina Translation Co. has an interpretation service to fit your needs.

Why Do You Need a Skilled Medical Interpreter?

Medical treatment and diagnoses can be difficult even when the same language is spoken by the practitioner and patient. When a language barrier is involved, understanding the treatment or diagnosis can be near impossible. To avoid improper treatment or misdiagnosis, an interpreter can bridge the gap by:

  • Helping the patient ask questions about treatment options and symptoms they don’t understand
  • Helping the patient to explain their diagnosis and current treatment to other medical professionals
  • Helping the patient to understand medication dosage and treatment instructions

At Carolina Translation Co., we work with patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers in a wide range of settings including:

  • Nursing homes
  • Doctor’s offices and clinics
  • Physical and Occupational therapy offices
  • Psychology and counseling offices
  • Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities

Accuracy and Confidentiality Are Key in Medical Interpretation

Accuracy and confidentiality are at the heart of what we do here. We respect the doctor-patient relationship and promise confidentiality in all settings. At Carolina Translation Co., we offer special encryption services and other secure messaging processes for our medical clientele.

There’s no room for error in medical interpretation and translation. Our interpreters have specific experience within the medical field including experience with healthcare concepts and medical terminology. Our translators include native speakers in over 50 languages and dialects including Spanish, French, Portuguese and more. We ensure the words you say to your patient convey the meaning and tone required to communicate the severity or simplicity of the medical condition and the importance of their treatment.

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