Spanish Translation & Interpretation Services by Carolina Translation Co.

In the United States, we have a greater population of individuals who speak Spanish than Spain as a whole. In fact, 13.1% of the United States population speak Spanish at home. The Spanish-speaking community is the largest minority here in the U.S., requiring accurate translation and interpretation in all industries.

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer the highest quality translation and interpretation services for this community and those who serve them. Whether you require document translation or face to face interpretation, our team has the industry knowledge and experience to fulfill your needs.

Spanish Language Needs Are Growing in South and North Carolina

The Spanish population continues to grow throughout the U.S. In the Carolinas, Spanish is the second most common language spoken after English. In South Carolina, 4.4% of the entire population speak Spanish in their home. In North Carolina, 7.4% of the population speaks the language at home. With this growing population, Spanish speaking needs such as translated documentation and marketing materials are in high demand.

Accurate Spanish Translation and Interpretation Services

Many businesses located through South and North Carolina are conducting daily business with members of the Spanish-speaking community in industries such as:

  • Legal services: Attorneys and law firms require detailed translation for contracts, documentation and more.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants and more require interpretation and translation for the best customer experience for their guests.
  • Construction: Training manuals, detailed building plans, contracts and more require translation from those experienced in the industry.

Each of these industries requires translation and interpretation of detailed terminology, specific meaning and special nuances of the Spanish language. Carolina Translation Co. provides confidential and accurate translation and interpretation for these industries and more, with team members who speak over 50 languages and dialects including Spanish, French and Portuguese.

For Your Spanish Language Needs, Call Us Today

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer more than just simple translation. Instead, we offer a relationship based on confidentiality and quality. Our translators are experienced in their field and in the services required to fulfill your needs. To get started on your Spanish translation or interpretation project today, give us a call at 833-876-7528 or request a quote online.