Interpretation & Translation Services for the Hospitality Industry in South & North Carolina

The hospitality industry is broad, including a wide number of services that serve guests including lodging, entertainment, transportation, tourism and more. As travel for both business and play increases rapidly, translation and interpretation services are in higher demand. However, not all agencies are created equal.

You need translation services and interpretation from trained individuals with experience in the hospitality industry. At Carolina Translation Co., we focus on delivering accuracy, confidentiality and service to your customers and guests.

Customer and Guest Experience Matters in the Hospitality Industry

Whether your guests are enjoying a nice stay at your hotel or are taking part in your travel planning service, they deserve the highest quality customer service available to them. The hospitality industry hinges on the customer experience. To provide the best experience, communication should be seamless and easy to understand for both you and your customer.

Easy and seamless communication requires accurate translations and interpretation for customers who speak a language different from your own. To best serve your guests and customers, you should request the services of an experienced translation and interpretation agency.

Accurate and Convenient Translation and Interpretation Services

Carolina Translation Co. offers in-person interpretation services and document translation to help you communicate with customers and guests in any language. We offer services in over 50 languages and dialects to fit your needs including:

  • Translation of travel documents and contracts
  • Translations of maps, menus and other hospitality documents
  • Reservation documents
  • Website translation
  • Live and in-person interpretation

Our team of professionals offers industry knowledge and experience along with timely, accurate and confidential translation and interpretation services, no matter your service. Our languages include Spanish, French, Portuguese and more, fulfilling your communication requirements.

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Customer and guest service matters in the hospitality industry. And proper communication is a necessity of superb customer experience. At Carolina Translation Co., we offer accurate, time-sensitive and thorough translation of your important documents and in-person interpretation services. To get started today, give us a call at 833-876-7528 or request your free quote online. We look forward to serving you and helping you to best serve customers of your own.