Corporate and Business Translation Services for North and South Carolina

Carolina Translation Co. has the experience required to translate even the most sensitive documents relating to your business. Whether you’re seeking translation for business contracts, employment contracts, legal documents or technical writing, we have a service that will fit your every need.

Over the years, our team has been chosen consistently by corporations and businesses for our experience, our track record for consistency and our high-quality translation skills.

The Importance of Accurate Corporate Translation

Now more than ever, collaboration is happening within businesses that includes cultures and languages from all over the world. When communicating, signing business contracts or when writing technical content, you should use a translator that will accurately replicate your business’ message.

Using haphazard translation will only cause miscommunication and confusion within these critical documents and conversations. Different dialects and languages will require unique translation to accurately portray your words in the individual’s mother tongue.

Our Corporate Translation Services

Our South and North Carolina translators offer a variety of translation services for corporations and businesses of all sizes.

  • Business contracts: The validity of a business contract is critical to any working relationship. We translate purchase agreements, non-disclosure agreements, partnerships and more in a clear and concise manner.
  • Employment documents: Training manuals and rules and regulations should be communicated clearly with your workforce. We translate these materials accurately each time.
  • Legal documents: Confidentiality is key when translating legal documents such as affidavits, transcripts and attorney-client agreements and we take it seriously during our translations.
  • Medical records: We employ translators who have experience working with medical records and terminology. We place emphasis on accuracy and quality when translating patient records and medical forms.
  • Technical writing: For accuracy, technology backgrounds are important. Our team is made up of translators with technical writing backgrounds, giving us the ability to offer clear context and tone throughout. This knowledge and our dedication produce error-free translations that your business requires.

Call on Experienced Translators for Your Business Translation Needs

You need an experienced translator that helps to support your business goals. Whether you require a technical document or a complete manual translated, we have the experience necessary to bring your project to completion. Reach out to us today by calling 833-876-7528 or send us an email today.