Arabic Translation & Interpretation Services by Carolina Translation Co.

Throughout the world, Arabic is one of the most spoken languages. Now, Arabic is growing rapidly within the United States. The Arabic language is used in the Quran, making it the only language spoken by a large percentage of individuals around the globe. Because of its use, accurate Arabic translation services and interpretation continues to grow.

Approximately 420 million people speak Arabic as their first language, making it the sixth most widely used language in the world. Countries such as Syria, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are dominantly Arabic.

Arabic is a Widely Spoken in the United States

As individuals from all over the world move into the United States, the Arabic language is becoming widely used. In fact, .04% of the population, or 1.09 million individuals within the United States speak Arabic within their household.

The need for quality translation and interpretation services within the United State is evident, especially within these industries:

  • Legal services: For those offering legal services such as litigation and document preparation, Arabic interpretation and translation is required to prevent critical mistakes.
  • Construction: Contractors and business owners who work with employees who speak Arabic should have an interpreter for communication. Construction contracts, training manuals and other documentation should be translated thoroughly to avoid miscommunication.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and more should have translated materials and an interpreter available to assist their Arabic guests.

Skilled and Experienced Arabic Translators and Interpreters

At Carolina Translation Co., we offer a team of experienced, highly professional translators and interpreters to fit your needs. We work consistently with varying Arabic dialects such as Egyptian, Standard and Modern, as well as over 50 other languages and dialects. From English to Arabic and Arabic to English, our team delivers accurate and fast results. Each of our team members have industry experience in their field, promising only the highest quality translated documents or face to face interpretation.

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The Arabic language is used widely throughout the world and now the United States. For accurate, confidential and time-sensitive Arabic translation or interpretation, reach out to our team today by calling 833-876-7528 or request a quote online.