Diploma and Academic Transcript Translation Services in South and North Carolina

Your diploma and academic transcript are documents to be proud of. However, they’re also incredibly important to have. Whether you’re looking to continue with your education or want to further your career, a diploma or transcript translation might be the next best step.

At Carolina Translation Co., we understand the importance of trust when it comes to handing over your important documents. With over ten years of experience, we provide accurate translations of your personal documents, while remaining confidential and on time.

Why Do You Need a Translated Diploma or Transcript?

If you received your diploma or other academic certification outside of the United States, you may find that you require a translated version of your diploma for reasons such as:

  • Applying for a new job or beginning a new career
  • Passing through immigration
  • Applying for another educational institution

If you received your diploma or certification within the United States but are moving to a foreign country to live and work, you’ll also need a translated version of your academic documents. Often, immigration officials or potential employers will want to see your academic transcript as much as your diploma, making both a priority.

Certified Diploma and Academic Transcript Translation Services

Carolina Translation Co. provides you with quick, accurate diploma translations that are certified and notarized. These documents are proven to be accepted by USCIS, South and North Carolina Driver and Vehicle Services and other agencies located around the United States.

Academic documents are highly detailed and technical in nature. It takes experience in the field to accurately translate these documents into any language. Our team has over ten years of experience in academic translation in a variety of different languages  and dialects including Spanish, French and German.

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Whether you’re getting ready to embark on a new career or go back to school, your academic documentation is critical for your success. To receive the highest quality translation, reach out to us today by calling 833-876-7528 or contact us online. You can trust us with your sensitive documents, providing accurate and confidential service with each and every project.

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